Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What happened to the Farmer's Market?

Since my sister left me a comment on a previous post, I thought it was a good excuse to write a new post.

We haven't done the Farmer's Market in several weeks due to inventory levels, weather issues and consignment opportunities.  We'll be skipping this Saturday again, but then we'll be there on the 7th of July.

In the mean time, I've got a few projects to do.

Right now I'm working on a blue blanket for one of the consignment stores that has a few of my pieces.

I'm also going to be working on cell phone holders (I'm going to attempt to make my own pattern based off one that I found.  And I'll make some of these.  So far I've just made one, but it sold the first week I had it on my table, so I'm hoping they'll sell well.  I'm looking forward to getting seasonal towels too, and using different colored cotton, so that I can get those into consignment stores over the winter.  They're fast, easy, cheap, and I can sell them for a pretty good profit!  All great qualities!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Giving Praise Where Praise is Due

I don't like to flood this blog with talk of what I do, because everyone needs a break from work, especially those in ministry like myself.  But, the truth is, having one spouse directly involved in full-time ministry means that we live on one "traditional" salary.  That can be a challenge under normal circumstances, but it's especially true in this economy.

We've had several unexpected expenses crop up over the last few months, and I thought I should share how God has answered our prayers for provision.

1)  We thought our car needed $1,200 in repairs.  We took it over to one of Daniel's friends' house to rotate the tires, and Daniel's friend's dad listened to the car, and said that the repair really didn't need to be done unless we wanted peace of mind.  At this point... we don't need to pay $1,200 for peace of mind if the car is running great.  So, that little visit saved us $1,200.

2)  Daniel's wisdom teeth need to come out, and we suspect that bill could be about $1,000 if we have to pay out of pocket.  But, he should be able to get dental insurance through his work, which means we only have to pay $14/month and probably a small co-pay.

3)  I have an appointment to see a specialist in Seattle about a medical issue that's been dogging me for about the last year or so.  We will have to pay out of pocket for this one, since the specialist is out-of-network, and we haven't met our deductible, but the estimated cost from the specialist is just about what we'd thought it would be.

And... the blessings keep coming!

1)  Daniel was able to be a part of a focus group at our credit union a few months ago, and as part of that, he received a Visa gift card which we were able to use for our expenses.  The credit union called us again this morning to ask if BOTH of us want to participate in another one this Wednesday, which means that we both get Visa gift cards and fee dinner!  Yay for "free" groceries for the first half of July and the ability to put more money into savings!

2)  I've been working hard on my crochet business, and a few days ago I dropped my first set of items off at a local maternity and baby boutique for consignment!  I have a meeting with a second maternity and baby boutique this afternoon, and I have a third store that is interested in my items!

3)  Daniel received his annual vacation pay at the beginning of June, and it was double what we were expecting!  We were able to put most of it directly into savings to cover those upcoming medical bills I mentioned.

4)  We received a check in May in response to the fundraising letter we sent out in December.  That came right when we needed it too!

We're thrilled that God has been providing for our needs, even ahead of when we actually need it.  We're looking forward to seeing how He continues to provide for our needs in the future.  If you'd like to join us in prayer, here's what we're praying for, very specifically.

1)  That my consignment items would sell very well, but also that I would be able to keep up with demand!

2)  That God would provide the finances for a set of tires for our car, that the bill for my medical appointment would be minimal, and that Daniel's wisdom teeth extraction would indeed be covered by insurance.

3)  That God would give us wisdom to know how to handle Daniel's time off for the Fox family vacation in August.  When Daniel doesn't work, he doesn't get paid, and knowing we still have several large expenses coming up, it's difficult to fathom taking time off work.