Our TTC Journey

I don't really write much about our TTC journey on my blog, since we're not really in a place to pursue expensive fertility treatments, or other family expansion prospects as a whole, but I thought I'd put this up for those of you who may have found me via ICLW.

July 2007: Married and TTA.

June 2008: Start TTC.

December 2008: Annual with family doctor who doesn't express too much concern.

May 2009: Follow-up with family doctor who decides to send us to a "specialist", who turns out to be an OBGYN.

June 2009: Appointment with OBGYN, SA for DH, and multiple tests for me. SA not great, my tests show signs of PCOS.

August 2009: Month of antibiotics for DH, and a follw-up SA ordered, which we didn't do.

August 2009-April 2011: Continue to TTC naturally.

April 2011--I start exhibiting signs of what later turns out to be vestibulitis. Painful. TTC pretty much on hold just due to physical discomfort.

May-August 2011--See two different doctors who don't know what to do with me.

Fall 2011--See my OBGYN, who tries steroid creams, steroid shots, and physical therapy. Nothing works.

Spring 2011--Back to the OBGYN who throws up his hands and says he's sending me to a specialist.

July 2012--First appointment with Dr. Eschenbach in Seattle. He prescribes a much stronger steroid cream.
Also, Daniel is diagnosed with a multitude of food allergies and heterozygous MTHFR C667T.

September 2012--Start using the Luness, to see if it will regulate my cycle.

October 2012--Second appointment with Dr. Eschenbach who says he sees some improvement. He prescribes a second steroid cream and says to come back in January.

November 2012--Second steroid cream clearly isn't helping, so stop both around Thanksgiving.  Use coconut oil on occasion, and that seems to help.

December 2012--Dr. Eschenbach's office never calls to schedule a follow-up like they said they would.

January 2013--Start getting more active, lose a little weight, vestibulitis seems to be getting better, maybe?
Also have first CD14 ovulation EVER, probably thanks to the supplements, lost weight, and the Luness.
I am diagnosed with heterozygous MTHFR C677T.  Still waiting on allergy tests.


  1. That's one heck of a journey you've been on. I hope to read about a BFP soon!

    1. Gotta get rid of the vestibulitis first... :P :( :S

  2. Jan 2013- I'm so proud of you and your ovaries, Stephanie! CD 14 is fantastic!!

    1. I know!! I was SO excited when I realized what had happened! :D Hopefully they will be game for a repeat performance.


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