Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good (Cheap!) Gluten-Free Eats!

Yesterday I vented a little bit, since I don't know what else to write about MTHFR, but people are telling me I should write more on that topic.  In order to do so, I need your help, so please read that post and leave me your MTHFR questions!  :)

But enough about that. Today I want to tell you about one of our favorite gluten-free products, that you can get for a super awesome deal on Amazon!  (Yes, links will be affiliate links to Amazon.)

Gluten-Free Pantry's Muffin & Scone Mix is a versatile base for muffins and mini-loaves.  In addition to being gluten-free, it is also casein-free, and works well with egg replacers, which is great for people with casein and egg allergies like Daniel! There IS corn in the mix, which is problematic for people on a GFCFSFCF diet, but it's from Canada, so it is not genetically modified. The only soy in the mix is from possible cross-contamination.

We add a bunch of things to ours, like raisins, craisins, chocolate chips, pumpkin, banana, applesauce, and quinoa flakes, but every time, it turns out great!  I'd like to play more with it, and see what it's like just on it's own without a bunch of extra stuff (like the pumpkin, banana, applesauce, and quinoa flakes) but adding stuff to it does make it stretch further.  I think I got 36 regular size muffins out of two boxes.  They were gone pretty quick, so I ordered 12 more boxes.  I'm out of applesauce right now, or I'd have some more in the freezer already!

Oh, that's another thing!  Muffins made from this mix freeze VERY well.  We usually just keep ours in the freezer and pop them in the microwave for about 30 seconds to warm them up.  With everything you can add to them, they make a great breakfast on the go!

*UPDATE* I forgot to mention that this is an Add-On item, which means it will only ship if you order $25 worth of stuff at the same time.  We've ordered ours with Christmas presents, and a few other random things so far.  I may start buying two cases (total of 12 boxes) at a time, and ordering it with my prenatals on a monthly basis.


  1. I just went gluten free! Thanks for posting!

  2. Have you tried them as scones? I've been on a scone kick, lately, so I'm just curious!

    1. I have not. Sorry! Judging just by the texture, they should make pretty good scones, but I can't vouch for the taste.

    2. I may have to order some and give it a try!

    3. Do it! :D I did forget to mention though, that this is an Add-On item, which means it will only ship if you order it with at least $25 worth of stuff. We've gotten around that by ordering it with Christmas presents, and that sort of thing.


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