Friday, May 25, 2012

Farmer's Market Friday

I thought I'd take a break from the deep topics, and blog about something a little more mellow today.  :)  This summer I'm participating in our city's Farmer's Market, which happens on Saturday.  Tomorrow will be the third week I've done it so far.

The first week went really well.  The second week was awful.  Hopefully I'll strike a balance between the two tomorrow.

So... Farmer's Market Friday.  This is my day to make sure I'm happy with my inventory, and play catch-up if I'm short on anything.  Last night, DH helped me by tagging and pricing several items that I've made over the last two weeks, so those things will be ready to go tomorrow.  This morning I took a look at my inventory and discovered I was pretty much out of my baby hats, as well as my 1-3 year hats.  So... I'm working hard today to replace all those.

Later this afternoon I'll jump on the bus and go to the bank to get the float for the market tomorrow.  It will be an early morning tomorrow, since vendors have to be there by 7, and the market opens at 8!

If you think of me, please pray that my items will sell well!

Are you crafty?  Do you like to make things with your hands?  What do you make?  Do you sell your crafts?

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  1. I used to think I was crafty!... I was wrong.

    How has the farmer's market been lately?


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