Friday, October 19, 2012


It's finally Friday.  This week felt absolutely crazy long, but very fast at the same time.  :)

Daniel has been crazy busy at work all week.  He's on track for four hours of overtime already this week. He very rarely gets that much overtime, even in a two-week period.  I'm sure he'll be resting lots this weekend.

My week got a little messed up and next week looks to be about the same. Please keep M, T, and F in your prayers as they go to Seattle next week for some medical appointments, for safety traveling over the Pass, and for the doctors to have wisdom to know what's going on in F's body.

Tonight I'm supposed to go to a ladies' event at church. I was planning to go with Daniel's sister-in-law, but I just found out HER sister is in the hospital getting gall bladder surgery today, so she's babysitting her sister's kids.  I'm not sure if she'll actually be free to go tonight or not. I'll call her a little later and find out.

How was your week? Any exciting weekend plans?

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