Thursday, July 19, 2012

And life continues...

Well, DH is STILL breaking out in hives, but we think we know what is causing it this time, so we're changing our diet yet again.  Some of it we're changing for my health, and some we're changing for DH's health.  No more gluten (me), no more casein (both of us), no more soy (me), no more corn (DH), no more rice (DH), no more tomato (DH, at least until we get his allergy tests back).

I called our naturopath today and asked if they would take DH on as a patient so that we can get a more comprehensive allergy test than the little dinky one they ordered at Urgent Care on Monday.  They are going to take DH on, so they'll order those tests, and two others we need run.  He has an appointment on August 6th with the ND to talk about his test results.  We're praying for some answers so we can figure out what all DH can eat!  :P


  1. Praying for you guys. It's time to get extra creative with your menus now, hey? Oh boy!

    1. Thanks for the prayers! :) And yes... creative menus, here we come!


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