Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters


My friend Monica has been doing this fun little link-up for a few weeks, and I just thought I'd give it a try this week.  We'll see how it goes.

Dear Husband,
Thank you for being so patient with me as we deal with my health struggles. Thank you for being so active in helping to nurse me back to health.
Love, Your loving wife.

Dear Weather,
Please cool your jets. We humans haven't done anything to spite you, so there's no reason to fry us to bits.
Sincerely, the Sweltering Housewife

Dear Laundry,
Since Weather is showing no signs of responding to its letter, you're going to need to do me a favor and march yourself outside, downstairs, around the corner, and into the washing machine.  And while you're at it, share your letter with the dishes.  Maybe they'll get the hint then.
Sincerely, the Sweltering Housewife

Dear Student,
You did fantastic at your first crochet lesson yesterday. Your mom is so proud of you, and so am I!
Your teacher

Dear CFPN,
Thank you for allowing me the privilege of walking with you for the last five years.  It's been great getting to know you all.
Your fearless leader

Dear Lord,
I'm sorry I struggle so much to make our relationship a priority.  Thank you for loving me anyway, and blessing me and Husband so richly.  Thank you for your provision, and for limiting our medical bills.  :)
Your grateful daughter.


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