Tuesday, July 17, 2012


How about another story about Life in Little Hispaniola....

This past Saturday, DH broke out in hives about the same time we were sitting down to eat dinner.  He took one dose of Benadryl before bedtime, and we figured we'd see how things looked in the morning before we decided if we were going to church or not.

On Sunday morning, he was more broken out, so we just stayed home for the morning and hung out together.  In the early afternoon, we headed to DH's brother's house, and had lunch with them.  DH crashed on their couch while the rest of us watched Numb3rs on Netflix. :P

We left their place after DH had another dose of Benadryl (his third), and came home, and went to bed after a fairly calm evening.
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Monday morning, it was obvious that the hives were not letting up, so we decided to go to Urgent Care.  We were there for probably close to three hours, waiting, and then talking to the doctor.  We're fairly certain that the hives were caused by something DH ate, so we asked her to order an allergy test, which she did.  She also prescribed him some prednisone.  We went directly to the lab for the blood draw, and then went to Wal-mart to fill the prescription and get some groceries.

Once we got home, we made lunch, ate, and then DH took his first dose of prednisone.  Two hours later, it was VERY obvious that the prednisone was NOT helping, and may have even made the hives worse.  So, I called the Urgent Care location we had been at in the morning, and they said to take him to the ER.  I called DH's brother and sister-in-law, and sister-in-law drove us to the ER.

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The physician's assistant at the ER took one look at DH's hives, his eyes widened, and then he prescribed a bunch of different medications, including a shot of Benadryl, Singular, Zantac, and Vistaril.  The RN gave him the shot of Benadryl, and then we got to sit there for an hour.  DH got pretty drowsy, but he didn't fall asleep.  Within the hour, the hives went away almost completely!

We finally got to come home, where DH rested on the couch for a bit longer, and then we had dinner.  When we were sitting down to dinner it looked like the hives were picking back up again, this time on the bottom of his feet, but he took some more Benadryl, and they were gone this morning, so he went back to work.

And that was our weekend.  How was yours?

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