Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Go Improve Yourself 2013

Daniel and I are involved in a process called Go Improve Yourself to kick off our year.  We each chose one area of our lives to focus on for 60 days.  We're both focusing on getting our home businesses off the ground. Daniel is working on getting an IT company up and running, and I'm working on growing my piano studio.

But, what I really wanted to tell you about today was my assignment for this week.  I'm kind of excited, kind of stressed out about it.  My assignment for this week is to write down, every half hour, what I did.  At the end of the week, I get to review it, and then re-design my ideal week.  I'm anticipating this is going to be a real eye-opening experiment.  And yes, I already quit my one major Facebook game because I knew it would make my week look better.  The other two wrenches in this assignment for the next week are these:

1)  The MTHFR family I work for has been sick, and continues to be sick, and may still be contagious.

2)  I'm on call for jury duty.  I didn't have to report in yesterday (were the courts even open?), but I have no idea if I'll have to report in tomorrow (I have to call in again tonight).

Usually my weeks consist of Tuesday and Wednesday with the MTHFR family, but I already know Tuesday won't be happening, and Wednesday may not either.  If I get called in, and selected for jury duty... then who knows HOW long my schedule will be completely shot.  :P

So... this week may be an adventure.  I'm glad all my ICLW friends are here to keep me company this week!

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