Monday, January 14, 2013

Hockey, Conspiracy Theories and Blood Work

Daniel's brother and sister-in-law gave us hockey tickets (to FOUR games!) for Christmas, and we used one set last night.  The first few minutes were quite boring, and then the visitors scored.  I thought it was goign to be all downhill from there, but we managed to come back and win the game 5-3, with 2 goals in the 1st and 3rd periods, and 1 goal in the 2nd.  Three fights, and three injured players later...  I think all the players are probably okay, but I tweeted at the team just to be sure.

Besides winning the game, the other interesting thing that happened was that there were two gentlemen sitting in front of us, speaking what sounded like Russian, and taping some of the more exciting parts of the game with their cell phones.  We're kind of wondering if they were scouts or something.  No, we didn't talk to them.

I'm finally going to do my MTHFR and allergy blood work today.  I'd put it off from last week, since I psyched myself out about the needle.  Daniel has today off, so he'll go with me and hold my hand.

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