Monday, January 7, 2013

Great Day So Far!

This morning we had some errands to run in the next town over.  We went to Ted Brown Music to buy some books for my students, pick up some soap from the MTHFR family, and pick up a book I forgot at my students' house. Then we swung by Ebony & Ivory pianos, and talked to the owner for a little while. He even let me play some grand, upright, and digital pianos.  That was a ton of fun.  Probably the highlight was playing the grand.  :)  <3 it.  They even too my contact information in case they have people come in looking for a teacher!  I met their on-site teacher who said he's totally swamped right now. He seemed relieved to hear that I have some spots available.  :)  We'll see what happens!

This afternoon I have a lesson with my oldest student. I'm glad we'll have a half hour to play the piano this time. Hopefully this will give me a much better idea of where she's at.  I picked up more books today to try with her, so hopefully one of them will work, and we can return the rest!

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