Monday, January 28, 2013

The Promised Foodie Review

I mentioned last week that I might do a food review during ICLW, so here you go, on the last day of ICLW!

Last weekend we were invited to another couple's house for dinner, and I offered to bring dessert.  I had a box of Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Brownie Mix on hand, so I decided to whip that up and take it along.  Good thing I started early, because it was an epic fail. However, I don't think it's a bad mix.

Let me explain.  I didn't follow the instructions to a T, and I made one modification to the recipe.  Here's a list of the things I think might have gone wrong, and how I'd like to change them for the next time I attempt to make this mix.

Possible Issue #1--In addition to all his more run-of-the-mill allergies, Daniel is also allergic to eggs.  So, that means I have to get a little more creative when I'm baking.  I had some Ener-G egg replacer on hand, so I decided to use that in place of the eggs.  Next time, I think I might try something like applesauce. I've done that in cakes before, and it has worked just fine.

Possible Issue #2--Our oven's temperature is off by as much as 50 degrees.  We are aware of this issue, and we know how to compensate for it.  But, it might just be that this particular GF mix is not forgiving enough. Next time I think I might try to get my hands on an oven thermometer.

Possible Issue #3--You're supposed to test it with a wooden toothpick.  I don't have any.  So, I did what I always do with all my baking, and tested it with a metal knife.  It never did come out clean, even though the top got hard and crispy.  Next time I'll use a match if I have to!  :P

Possible Issue #4--I left my pizza stone in the oven while it was baking, like I always do.  But again, I'm wondering if the GF mix is just too finicky for that.  Next time I'll take the pizza stone out.

Possible Issue #5--I used a glass pan.  The instructions call for a non-stick or dark pan.  I have neither (nor would I want to.  Teflon and heavy metals? No thank you!).  I won't be changing anything about that.

So... there you have it.  Five possible reasons why my gluten-free brownies didn't turn out last weekend.  I will say though, that the batter tasted just fine (no eggs, remember?), so I think that the mix itself is still good, it's just my baking process that may need a little tweaking.

I did turn up some reviews on Amazon of other bakers that had similar issues with this mix and Ener-G egg replacer.  I do not recommend using Ener-G egg replacer with this mix.  It just seems like too many of us have had issues with the mix and that replacer for it to be a coincidence.

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  1. I like your trouble-shooting approach. I would have just thought, "Well, that was a disaster," and never tried it again. Maybe that's why I can't cook or bake.

    Visiting from ICLW.


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