Thursday, November 8, 2012

Working with the MTHFR Family--Going it alone...

Yesterday was the first day I had all three kids by myself at all ever. It was only for about 10 minutes... but they were the busiest 10 minutes I've ever had! H kept himself entertained pretty well, but F and R require a little more supervision. T had a meeting at F's school, so she had to leave before her mom arrived to take R to dance. H had hockey practice in the evening, so he had to get ready for that, F had to have sweet potato french fries, and could NOT take a bath, and R needed to get ready for dance, and have something to eat and take her evening vitamins.  H and R pretty much took care of themselves, but F and I had a bit of a confrontation when he decided he wanted to take a bath.

Just at that point, Grandma rang the doorbell, but H was outside, and R is too short to unlock the deadbolt, so I had to leave F in the bathroom, run to the front door, let Grandma in, and very quickly get up the stairs back to F. Thankfully, F was dressed again by the time I got back upstairs.  So... crisis averted.


  1. Life's never boring, hey? I'm glad you (and the kids) survived! If the kids are especially busy some day you could always try playing Houdini. Tie them all up and tell them it's a race to see who can get out first! Great idea!?! No?

    1. Lol! The problem is... H would love that! :P


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